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 03/2017 DRAFT


A. Division Structure 

B. Grade Determination 

C. Entry Requirements 

D. Coaching Requirements 

E. Officials 

F. Roster 

G. Playing Field Responsibilities 

H.  Equipment 

I.  Girl Youth Rule Level 

J.  Duration of Play  

K.  Rescheduling of Games 

M.  Minimum Play Rule 

N.  Post-Season Play 

The Operating Policy of KC METRO GIRLS LACROSSE LEAGUE (“League”) consists of a.) all the rules and regulations governing League and b.) all interpretations of the by-laws which are found in the minutes of the Secretary. The Girls Division will use the Official Rules for Girls Youth Lacrosse as published in the Official Rules for Girls and Women’s Lacrosse by US Lacrosse with the following exceptions/clarifications: 

A. Division Structure 

The Girl’s Division structures team conferences using the following categories: 

1. 7th /8th Grade

2. 5th /6th Grade 

3. 3rd /4th Grade


NOTE: The makeup of the division structure may be altered by a vote at a Executive Board meeting of the League to meet the needs and availability/resources of the teams.  (ie: 3rd/4th/5th  Grade and 6th/7th/8th  Grade)

B. Grade Determination 

Players will be placed on the appropriate team based on the grade of the player when final team rosters are turned into the LEAGUE or posted on the league website at the start of the season. (E.g., a player in 8th grade at the start of the season will play on a 7th/8th grade team). Players may play up one grade level between divisions if they are of the ability,(pending Board Approval)  but may not play down. Programs may form single grade teams as long as they play in the appropriate league. 

C. Entry Requirements 

1. Any Member Club program may enter teams in the appropriate Girl’s Division. 

2. If practical, the 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, and 7th/8th Divisions shall be divided into brackets with the strongest teams in the A bracket, next strongest B and the least strongest C. Programs should recommend a bracket when registering their teams. 

3. If the division only has one bracket, A will be the default. 

D. Coaching Requirements 

1. All coaches will be required to be US Lacrosse Level One Certified by 2017.  It is a requirement that all head coaches complete the online coaching course in 2014. 

2.  Head coaches for youth teams must be at least 18 years of age.

E. Officials 

All league games shall be refereed by US Lacrosse certified officials (if available) 

F. Rosters 

1. All Players shall be members of US Lacrosse.  Rosters MUST BE AVAILABLE on line at the KCMGLA website prior to the game or available for exchange with opposing coaches prior to each game. It is the responsibility of the program to have rosters. The roster should include player’s name, grade and uniform number. Failure to provide a roster will result in a free position at the start of the game and repeat offenders will be subjected to a fee enforced by the KC Metro Girls Board. Teams will roster a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 28.  

2. If a team has been found to use an ineligible player the game will be forfeited. 

3. A minimum of ten (10) players is required to start and continue a game.

4. Players may not be rostered on two separate teams

G. Playing Field Responsibilities – Game Day 

1. The league will insure that the playing field is in proper condition (lined correctly) and is safe for the players. The league will provide a table, scorebook, and a clock. 

2. Game Day Field Manager – on game days a field manager will be on-site to monitor the day’s games and to keep the teams on schedule.  If the League does not contract with a Field Management Agency, each Club will be assigned a game day whereby they are responsible for assigning a representative to act as Field Manager.   The Club will notify the Vice President of Youth Lacrosse the name and contact information for that week's’ field manager

3. A parent from a team is required to sit at the scoring table for each game to keep time and the score. They MUST arrive at least 15 min before the start of the game. 

4. Players and fans will sit on opposite sides of the field during play when possible.

5. Scores will be recorded on a score sheet at the score table for each field. Both coaches and the referees must sign the score sheet at the end of the game. 

6. Scores will be posted on the website by the winning team. These scores will be used to rank teams for the tournament play. 


7. A first aid kit shall be provided by each team for their use. Ice is available on the field, but consider including chemical cold packs for injured players.

8. Should a field be unplayable, the league will inform all parties (teams and game officials) as soon as possible. The scheduler/league is responsible for rescheduling cancelled games if possible. 

H. Equipment 

All US Lacrosse Official Rules for Girls Youth Lacrosse rules apply. Specifically: 

1. All teams should have uniforms in compliance with US Lacrosse Official Rules. 


2. Non-clear and non-white mouth guards and eye protection are mandatory at all levels 

3. Goalie must wear helmet with face mask, separate throat protector, chest protector, abdominal and pelvic protection, goalie gloves, and leg padding on the shins and thighs. The goalkeeper must wear a shirt or pennies of the same color as her team over her protective equipment. 

I. Girls Youth Rule Level 

The Girls conferences will follow US Lacrosse Official Rules for Girls Youth Lacrosse 

U 15 - 7th/8th Grade: (All brackets) Level A with the following modifications

Modified checking

4 Goal Differential Rule: If score is kept, possession will be taken at the center by the team with fewer goals if a four or more goal differential exists unless waived by the coach of the trailing team. When this occurs positioning for the draw will apply with the defender standing 4m away at a 45-degree angle and all other players must stand. The player taking possession may run or pass, but may not shoot until another player has played the ball.

 U 13 - 5th/6th Grade (All brackets): Level B with the following modifications: 


a.  3 Pass Rule:  A team must not take a shot on goal until three passes, including the goalkeeper’s clear, are completed or attempted. Umpires have the final say in determining 3-pass completion/attempts and will count passes out loud. Once the offense has fulfilled the three pass requirement, a new three pass count is not necessary as long as the ball has remained within the offensive half of the field (even if the defense plays the ball).

U9 - 3rd/4th Grade (All brackets): Level C with the following modifications: 

a. 3 Pass Rule: A team must not take a shot on goal until three passes, including the goalkeeper’s clear, are completed or attempted. Umpires have the final say in determining 3-pass completion/attempts and will count passes out loud. Once the offense has fulfilled the three pass requirement, a new three pass count is not necessary as long as the ball has remained within the offensive half of the field (even if the defense plays the ball).

b. Coaches may be on the field of play and participate if agreed upon by both teams 


J. Duration of Play 

Due to facilities and scheduling limitations, all teams at all levels will use the following timing guidelines: 

1. 20 minute running halves MAXIMUM (no clock stoppage except for time-outs and last min of each half) 

2. 5 minutes for halftime 

3. 1 two-minute time-out per half 

4. All regular season games will end on their scheduled time regardless of the amount of time played 

5. Overtime: Only post-season games will go into overtime. Overtime will use the "sudden victory" procedures as outlined in the US Lacrosse Official Rules for Girls and Women’s Lacrosse. 

K. Rescheduling of Games 

Games may not be rescheduled. 

L. Minimum Play 

1. Players must participate (if not hurt) in at least the equivalent of one quarter of every game (~5min). The coach is responsible for carrying out this rule. Failure to do so results in forfeiture of the game and continual breaking of the rule could result in the field or dropping the team from the league. 

2. If a coach feels, after half time, that the other team has players who have not participated at least 5 min, he/she may check with the opposing coach regarding the players in question. 

3. The League Board is responsible for investigating any violation of the minimum play rule and enforcing the forfeiture penalty. 

4. This rule remains in effect during the playoffs and championship games. 

M. Post-Season Play 


Each team playing in the League will have an opportunity to play in the league tournament.  Each Division will host a tournament by bracket. Teams will be seeded according to their regular season record. The tournament schedule will be published the week after the last regular season game once the final seeds are determined. The tournament will result in determining a champion for each conference bracket.