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High School Rain Out/Game Cancellation Policy
The home team will make the decision to cancel a game because of weather or unplayable field conditions. The home team will contact the Elizabeth Johnson who will cancel the game on the KCMGLA website, notify the lead referee, and reschedule the game with the opposing if possible. 

Games will take place in the rain, however, if there is lightning, there will be a 30 minute delay of game.  If a game is called at the field, but before the game starts, umpires will receive 1/2 normal fee.  
Contact: Elizabeth Johnson (913) 961-2970     
Teams canceling games less than 24 hours before scheduled game time for reasons other than weather (i.e. unable to field a team) will receive a forfeit and be required to reimburse any unrecoverable expenses of the other team.

Youth Rain Out Policy

Decisions to call a game due to weather in the Youth Division will be made the day before or morning of the games. KCMGLA will notify the teams, referees, and facilities. Unless previously notified, come to the field prepared to play.